The Harvard-Smithsonian Digital Video Library is no longer in service.


For ten years starting in 2004, the Harvard-Smithsonian Digital Video Library was a professional development resource for science teachers, grades K-12, centered on a database of video clips searchable using the AAAS Benchmarks.

Clips were licensed from CfA Science Education Department video productions and from materials sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation.

The majority of the clips are now available at Annenberg Learner.

At the Annenberg Learner website, search by the title of the production ("Case Studies in Science Education," "Science in Focus: Energy," or "Private Universe Project," etc.) To browse a global list of all CfA productions available, enter the search term "Harvard-Smithsonian."

In the future, clips may also be available from the Smithsonian Institution Archives.



Page updated: 12-23-2014